The Start – November 1st 2016

What is the best thing about starting over? What is it that has people always making New Year’s resolutions? Why do we have the tendency of starting at New Year’s? I say FORGET that! Let’s start right NOW! Right now is the best time to start something you’ve been dreaming about. Right now is the best time to start going to the gym. Right now is the best time to take that vacation. Right now is the best time to DO WHATEVER you’ve been holding back doing. When was the last time you’ve done what you’ve wanted to do? What’s stopping you? What’s holding you back?

There are a lot of objections to going after your goals. But the most important and pivotal thing I’ve learned so far this year is that anything with opposition is worth pursuing! If there isn’t opposition, it’s usually not worth attaining. What has been giving you opposition lately? Is it your job? Your relationships? Your own discouragement? What’s holding you back?

I’ve never been the type of person to take risks. I’ve always seen risks as something that was not worth losing my stability, family, or pride over. I always focused on the negative connotations of risks. What I failed to notice was that risking something meant one of two things: ACHIEVING or LEARNING. With my previous mentality, I would have never achieved anything and even worse; I would never learn anything. How can we go on in life not achieving and not learning? It’s inevitable that we must learn to grow. Knowing that, why can’t we make it inevitable to achieve?

I hope that I’ve prompt you to question the things you’ve been going through or perhaps inspired you to take a leap of faith towards something you’ve wanted to accomplish for a while.

I’ll leave you with this. I’ve wanted a space for my photography sessions for a while. I’ve wanted to rent a studio or find someone that would share a space with me. Then I realized that my apartment had potential. But I never followed through with it. With the help of a mentoring session from Joanna from and my husband’s constant encouragement, I made a goal to make over my living room space. Check it out below!

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I am super excited to have a session in my brand new space! I still have lots of work to finish it the way that I want, but I am more than exhilarated! A big thanks to my husband, Arvin, for laying down the carpet and painting along with me. You’ve really have inspired me to make my leap of faith.







If you’d like to be photographed in my space, drop me a line at to schedule your complimentary portrait consultation!

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